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Daily Journey

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


One Single Beauty
Hand Picked With Love
From Rylee To Mema

That sounds so wonderful!
I love being with my children and grandchildren.
I would pack them up; then stuff them in my suitcase and bring them all back with me.
They may enjoy it for awhile.
Though this isn't there home.
So they wouldn't feel like they were at home at all.
Only visiting this foreign land I call home.
This place where I park my shoes, that I call home.
They were born and raised in Sacramento.
That is the only home they know.
Maybe with the exception of Amber.
Unlike their mother who has had many homes.
And is a traveling bug!
 So home is where she parks her shoes.
I'm passing through.
Just here visiting and having fun!
It was wonderful being with each one of the girls and the grandchildren.
Never enough time or long enough at all.
I scoop up all the love I possible can.
I fill that heart with each kiss and hug.
Mema I love you!
Mom... This and that...
Do you mind?
Can we?
 Would you like?
Each one a small piece of a bigger picture of love and family.
To hold tight.
Each a moment of love to hold onto until next time.
Each visit a treasure and gift from heaven above.
So with each minute of love and even those not so memorable moments;
I have lots and lots of wonderful stories to share with plenty of pictures.

Heather was so beautiful on the day of her graduation.
Of course she is beautiful everyday.
I am so proud of her and her awesome achievement.
Way to go Heather!

Heather On Her Graduation Day!


A night out on the town with Amber, painting it red, white, and blue.

Dancing The Night Away

Adventures in the sun with the kids.

Sun & Sand
Puppy feedings and backyard joys with Racheal.

Sophie 2 Days
{Sadly She Passed Away}

Jumping In the Sun
Right Into the Pool
Girlfriend time in short installments.

Beth & Sue
Unexpected loved ones and old friends.
Pictures of love and Gods hand prints upon all!

I'm so happy to be home with Hubby and CK!
I arrived home just in time to help celebrate her dogie birthday!

True Love
You Came For Me
On My Birthday
Such Happiness
Happy Birthday CK!
(July 19, 1997)
Nephew and girlfriend with their cute little puppy Precious came to help celebrate with pizza.
What a lovely time and visit we had.

My own cozy bed and all my things around me.
I love being with my girls my home away from home.

The girls and their families are my love.
My home in my heart where they have this most wonderful place that I hold each one.
That is truly HOME!
Thank you Lord for that place that I hold them in my heart and arms always.

I will miss them; as I already do.
I miss them the second I have to let go and head towards home.
I'm already counting the time when I can spend time with them once again.

So in the days and weeks ahead you will be hearing and seeing many wonderful stories of  my time with the loves of my life.
My girls and their families.
Each one of those precious grandchildren.
Each an adventure with a love story behind each tale of love from my heart.
Come along and enjoy the stories of love.

Do you love sharing your adventures?


Thisisme. said...

Lovely post today my friend. Your daughter looked beautiful on her graduation day, and a lovely photo of you with your friend. You obviously made lots of happy memories on your trip. CK's birthday is the same date as my hubbys!

Gina said...

this is beautiful :) thank you for sharing.