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Daily Journey

Thursday, July 28, 2011

365 Days Of Pictures ~ Day 155

This is one of the old amazing trees at Discovery Park.
We were having so much fun there!
The trees brought great amusement to my grandchildren.
They where having fun giving each tree a special name.
Bet you cannot figure this one out?
That's right folks...
Its the bunny ear tree!
Mckinzee names this tree. She went running towards it screaming it the bunny ear tree look mema the bunny ears!
So of course she had to have her picture taken there.
I have a few more I may be posting of this one. I have to say it is one of my favorite's as well.
It was a great day in the park.
Heather said they kept talking about it all night and are still now that I'm home even.
Glad we made a great memory for them.
I so miss them.

The children look so tiny next to the tree.
Rylee she is just taken my the enormity of the tree I think.
While Mckinzee just wants to be the rabbit in the bunny ear tree.
Brenden looks like whats the fuss over.
Goodness knows where Anthony is hiding with so many large trees around.
I could have taken picture's of these trees all day long.
We didn't get as many as I'm sure I would have liked since I have a thing for trees.
Maybe another visit another time I will.

Bunny Ear Tree
Do you have huge unusual tree trunks around where you live that are fascinating?


Mama Zen said...

What a neat tree!

Holly said...

Hi Bethe~
What a great picture! It made me think of your being a redwood - majestic and stately. I always appreciate so much your comments.
Blessings to you!

Rainbow said...

this is a great pic, thank you for sharing
When I lived in South TX they had great big cypres trees some were very amazing.


forgetmenot said...

What a great tree--how unusual! Mickie :)