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Daily Journey

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Image Prompt

I have been invited by a lovely site to join in on some fun! They have a prompt with an image and you write about it. So I thought I would give it a try. I haven't ever taken a prompt from a picture though they have had many out there that I could have. Though I write about pictures I take all the time.
This one is inspiring to me.
The prompt comes from "Bluebell Books"
It is a wonderful little link to wonderful writers who are very inspiring. If you enjoy reading I might suggest you try this link.

Image Credit:

Twinkling glitter of awe and excitement
Piles of rich soil
In childhood enrichment

Seedlings planted in rich soil
Flourishing growth
With tender  loving care

Accomplishment of smiles
Handled with care
Blooming with love

Each tender touch
A growth of love
With each  green leaf 
A smile brings
Growing leafy piles of joy

With each pile of dirt comes
Much more accomplishment
Each a burst of excitement 

Happiness and joy is the fruit
Of the lessons of the dirt
The rich soil the foundation
Of a strong root system

Just as each seed planted
Grows with tender love and care
So does each child
Placed in our care

Each child blooms and grows
In a strong foundation
And root system
With tender gentle love and care


I did it! It took me over an hour and half to write this. But I did it! Yea!

Do you like playing in the soil?

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Anonymous said...

A very cool developmental parallel write - enjoyed the read!

Jingle said...

love and care enable a child's healthy growth, true,
eloquent delivery.

Anonymous said...

This is so lovely and touching =)

Anonymous said...

A lovely poem! I'm so glad you decided to give it a try! This week's was only the second one I've participated in, and though I love doing this, it takes so much time away from my book-writing and my regular blog. Your blog looks like a good one - I'll be back as time allows to read some more! Thank you for sharing!

MISH said...

This is a lovely poem ! I love the child-plant metaphor ... very effective comparison !

deeju said...

Absolutely suits the picture. Interestingly written.

Jingle said...


How are you?
Welcome join poets rally week 48 today,
Awesome poetry you have here, keep it up.
Hope to see you share.
simply visit me and make a comment under the post after linking in your entry.