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Daily Journey

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bucket List ~ Seven

Come hook up with Gina over at Rainbow's Daily Life and link
up your bucket list. See what others want to do and see before they leave this earth. Be careful you maybe adding more to your list.  Lets see all the exciting things others have.

Today I was watching 20/20 and there was this guy known as the bird man and he loved to fly. Reminded me of  when I was younger I had always wanted to go hand~gliding. This episode of 20/20 juggled that memory of one of the things I thought I would love to do. I think I may not be as brave or the dare devil I once was. Or the girl that lived on the edge as I once use too. But I think I would still like to go hand gliding.
Jumping off the side of the cliff and just floating and gliding along the sky with the birds. OH! WOW! That would be the ultimate high! I know God didn't design us that way. But wouldn't it be great to soar along the sky like an eagle in the heavens. Lifted on high with the angels in heavenly places. Forgetting all the troubles of this world and dreaming of the blue sky's and bouncing from cloud to cloud in the heavens playing with the angels that protect us and guide us. Yes! I think hand gliding may have to stay on this Bucket list until I try it. They say you are never to old to live your dreams. So..... Come fly with me through the air and see the world through the goggles of the hand glider, I'm sure we would have to wear. No rose colored glasses here; just beauty from the heavenly sky above as we peer down in wonder to the ground below and all its beauty.

Have you ever wanted to fly like a bird?

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