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Daily Journey

Thursday, July 7, 2011

100 Things About Me~

Tara, over at "Undeserving Grace" is hosting a very exciting link.
It is called a "100 Things About Me."
I thought this would be a great link up.
A fun way for us all to get to know our bloggie friends a bit better.

  1. I love spicy food
  2. I carry my camera in my purse with me wherever I go
  3. I have both a land line and a cell phone
  4. I have been in both the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean
  5. I saw the Apollo flights lift off from my school yard when I was a wee girl in grade school
  6. I love to fly kites
  7. I cannot carry a tune at all. I only have a voice the Lord loves to hear sing and make a grateful noise. That would be "ME"!
  8. I think I'm the best boss I will ever have
  9. I miss my daddy who raised me and has gone home to be with the Lord
  10. I have been married twice


Have you ever swam in the ocean before?

1 comment:

Thisisme. said...

10 more interesting things that we learnt about you today, Bethe. I actually find it quite hard to sit down and think of things to say about myself! (I must be pretty boring then. Hee Hee!).