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Daily Journey

Sunday, July 24, 2011

365 Days Of Pictures ~ Day 151

This photo was taken by my Vet tech Miss Carlie our morning Sunshine.
She has been such a wonderful friend to CK and I.
We are surely blessed to have her in our lives.
She said Beth, I don't like that picture of you on Face book.
Then she says I'm taking a picture of you and CK.
It turned out lovely!
So it is my new favorite photo!
If you follow me on Face book it has been up since she took it for us.
She tagged me then I made it my profile picture.
Thank you Miss Carlie "Sunshine".
We love you!

CK & Me
CK's Precious Love

Do you have a favorite picture of you and your fur baby?


Thisisme. said...

Bethe - how lovely of that Vet Tech to take that photo of you and CK. It is a wonderful photo of you both. I can't believe that you're on Day 151! You're doing SO well with this challenge. Blessings.

Linda said...


Rainbow said...

This is adorable, I have lots of pictures of myself and my nieces, nephews and yes my kids as well.


Petra said...

What a great picture of you both!! My favorite picture of Tucker and I is the one I use for my profile. Our backs to the camera looking at something together.