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Daily Journey

Sunday, July 31, 2011

365 Days Of Pictures ~ Day 158

This beauty I found on the property where I live.
It was one of the beauties that survived the storm of the new owners who where up rooting all the beauty.
I just couldn't resist taking a picture of this lovely beauty.
It brings and makes me smile as I stroll through the complex in the early morning sunlight.
CK wasn't so eager to take out time today.
Our strolls are further and further apart and much shorter when we do go on them.
I miss our morning walks and afternoon strolls.

Dancing with joy in the morning light

Can you believe this month is already over with?


rainbow said...

Not only is it hard to believe July is over but Summer is almost gone too. How did it go so fast? Blink our eyes and Christmas will be here. They need to invent something to slow time down a little bit cause we miss so much and do not get done what we need to do. I NEED TO GET BETTER AT SETTING MY PRIORITIES ON WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO ME OR FIGURE OUT HOW TO HAVE A WEEK OF 36 HOUR DAYS. Maybe at least then I could get semi caught up. HA HA

rainbow (Momma Lyn)

Manzanita said...

How beautiful. It looks like a variety of vine clematis but I'm not good at identifying flowers any more. Here, in Montana, it already smells like autumn in the early mornings. UUugghhh. All to soon.


Marilyn said...

This is an awesome shot. Love it!! Would make a great link up for the Macro / Love challenge up this week.. (This week's photo challenge is Love / Macro photo - care to join in..? Would LOVE to see your shots.. ) Thanks as always for playing..

Rainbow said...

wow this is awesome!!! thank you for sharing

hope your Monday is going well

Rainbow (Gina)