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Daily Journey

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

CK's Find

You've heard of narc dogs, police dogs, bomb sniffing dogs, hunting dogs, seeing eye dogs, companion dogs, all kinds of working dogs.
 But have you ever heard of beer sniffing {finding} dogs?
That is exactly what my little girl did.
She found some beer in the field across the street.
Most likely stashed by some young under age kids waiting for the perfect time to bring it out of hiding.
For the "BIG" party celebration!
She was on this case of beer and wouldn't leave it.
She kept tugging at me to come and see her find.
And a find she had alright!
She was so proud too!
I know when she gets onto a scent she sometimes wont let it go.
But... really...
I was laughing so hard I couldn't stop.
So of course we had to have some pictures of this wonderful find.
Makes a great tale to tell as well.
One I'm sure I will be telling for a long time.
So now you can say you have heard of a beer sniffing dog.

Mom Did I Find Something Really Cool?

A Case Of Beer

Mom Check It Out

Beer  Can Be COOL!

Has you pet ever found an unusual find?


Holly said...

That is so funny, Bethe! My dogs have proudly brought (inside) a bird to give us. sigh! Gotta love them, tho!
hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Rainbow said...

Wow this is FUNNY!!! my dogs have found rocks, pieces of wood, string, dead bring to mom to see what i have done, This is great.