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Daily Journey

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Write A Letter Wednesday ~ To Face Book

Dear Face Book,
My feelings for you are so conflicted.
There are days I'm so happy to have you as one of my network buddy friends that connects me to so many.
From those from my past, present, to the new unknown friends,  my family far and near, business associates, and those that will be and all so much more.
What a wondrous and vast connection you have given me in the space of my computer through these window's of social networking.
 I can share a world of information, some that I would prefer just to stay on my page and no further.
But then again this is the age of social networking on the Internet; a world wide web that anyone can lurk around into and find any kind of information they would like on anything or anyone.
Not even limited to this wonderful Face Book page but to so many other pages as well.
Even with all your safety and all those protections bought and paid for there is always those who will find away to take a good and useful tool and turn it into something it was never meant to be.
This is where wisdom comes in, what to share and not to put on the pages that hold my world and life.
As there are those searching the pages that aren't above board, so one must be vigilant in their own safety on this mass world wide web of social networking called Face Book .
Your resources and unlimited abilities open a whole new world to many as well as me.
To playing games and being apart of my grandchildren lives.
By living through this amazing tool and world of networking I can be a daily part of my family who live so far away and to those I miss daily. Through this amazing maze of modern technology known as social networking through the Internet.
You  have provide me the means to share my life stories and work.
Picture's of my family and vacation times close and far.
A place to voice my opinion's and thoughts.
To hear the worlds thoughts and opinion's.
To hear messages of love.
To vote on opinion's, to keep up on the news of the day and so much more.
To asking for help in finding things and locating tools I'm in search of.
To standing in prayers for those in need and them for me.
For sharing my writings and my daily thoughts growing in ways I thought I never would.
The ability you have given is endless and continues to open new venues of opportunities through your pages daily.
There are days I could spend hours on end visiting and catching up.
Losing myself in your many pages of friends and information for hours lost in the world of mazes of pages.
Pages to save me money to teaching me how to cook and organize my life and business.
I could go on and on. Things I never knew I needed or wanted.
Something for everyone.

I don't like the many changes you make continually it seems month after month.
(A bit exaggeration)
Yet, I do understand that this is an ever changing world and the world of technology.
Just as the business that I am in it is ever changing as well.
To keep up we must continue to stay on the cutting edge at the very cost of the consumer who is always expecting the newest, latest, and greatest.
Thank you for your service even on those occasions that I wish I had never meet you.
I thank you for expanding my world and keeping me connected to those I treasure and love the most.
To making my work world much more convenient and just a bit easier in sharing the latest  and newest information as fast as its breaking news.
To filling my heart with all these new friendships that I would have never had had it not been through your connection into this vast world. Being able to travel the world round that you have made a bit smaller by connecting us all in the pages of Face Book.
To that I say thank you.

How do you feel about Face Book? Or do you even use Face Book?


Recovering Church Lady said...

I love FB> Some say that it is hurting true communication, but it is working the opposite for me!

Rainbow said...

FB is addicting but like you I hate some of the changes they have made. Thank you for the love and support on my latest blog!!! Bob and I appreciate you very much


Amanda said...

I don't use Facebook but I can understand the sentiment. :)

Josie said...

Finally, I am back to reading and commenting! This was a great tribute to the blessings that Facebook holds. My feelings for it are such a mixed bag, but overall my life would be far poorer without it. You've done a wonderful job of noting all the amazing things it makes it easy for us to share and do! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your letters. I'll have a new prompt up this week!