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Daily Journey

Saturday, July 16, 2011

365 Days Of Pictures ~Day 143

I seem to love stealing photos from my children lately.
I don't live near them so when they post some I like I steal them away.
This is my beautiful Amber!
She is my second born.
Named after the Amber light of Christmas.
The nurses helped name her.
I thought we would have a boy.
Alas another stunning beauty I was given.
She reminds me a lot of me when I was her age.
She has no filters and lives life fully and with gusto!
She has blessed me with four of the amazing ten grandchildren that I have.
I thank God each day for each beautiful blessing I have been richly blessed with.
Such treasures from heaven each one.
Please pray for her if you would please.
Life has been hard upon her.
She is my prodigal daughter.
Thank you!


Do you have a child that reminds you a lot of what you where like when you were younger?


Thisisme. said...

That's a lovely photo of Amber, and such a pretty name. I love it! Yes, of course, I will pray for her my friend. Blessings to you and I hope that you are still enjoying your time with that lovely family of yours.

rainbow said...

It is scary at times how much both of my sons are like me. My oldest son Gerry is most like me, he even looks like me. Sorry son, one thing I have learned in 60+ years of living is "Redheads SHOULD NOT MARRY A REDHEAD". Never mind the sensitive skin issues but a family with four firey tempers is no fun. Mine was a long fuse but when I do get mad I'm mad for years, wile their dad had a very short fuse but in a flash it is over and done. I hope they got the best of both of us - Slow to anger and over it super fast.