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Daily Journey

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Todays Prompt is FIRST AND LAST

JL, over at "Dodge Writes"; has another wonderful prompt for us. I'm so glad she is back up and running. I missed her while she was down. As I sure many others did as well. She has wonderful challenges to stretch our writing skills and imagination. She has wrote a brilliant piece today with this prompt. You most go check her blog out her writing skills are so worth it. She is a lovely writer.

The rules are you must use this line as the first AND last line in your write...
Today's line is CAN'T YOU SEE MY WORLD IS CRUMBLING... You may use prose or poetry...

Can't you see my world is crumbling
I've begged
I've pleaded
I've cried
I've been on bended knee
Where are you I say
Where are you
Don't you hear my pleas
My pain is deep
I need you NOW
Cant you see all this pain
All this loss
How my world is crumbling
You said you would never leave me
I ask where are you then?
You softly answered
I've never left you my child
I have been right here beside you
I've heard you
I've heard your pleas and begging
I've seen each tear
As it fell
I've captured each one
As a diamond in my hand
I've been next to you in bended knee
Pleading to the Father
Touch my child
Can't you see her world is crumbling
My child, I say
Look up and touch His hem
Your pain and loss is no more
He will take this burdened from you
His strength and peace He will leave
Each plea and each cry will be filled with His love
No longer will you beg
No longer will you plead
No more tears will you shed
Of the pain and loss 
Your cry will no longer be
Can't you see my world is crumbling


Are there times you feel the Lord doesn't hear your cry?



JL Dodge said...

AH Beth , You honor us with your wonderful post !
This is so great ! I've been the person feeling like The Lord is not listening, but some of the greatest gifts He has given me are unanswered prayers.

Thank you so much for joining us !

Susie Swanson said...

Just beautiful, I needed this today.. Thank you..Hope you have a nice , restful Sunday. Susie

Thisisme. said...

Just one word Bethe - beautiful!