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Daily Journey

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Found Another Blog Hope~ Come Check It Out

Over at "Praises of a Wife and Mommy"
She is hosting a a very fun blog hop called "Thursday (Almost Friday!) Blog Hop.
So come along and meet some new friends and have some fun!

I thought I would join in on the fun.
I was reading the other day they said to get a wider view and audience to your blog this is one of the ways to do so and to join ones you may not necessarily join by stepping out of your comfort zone.
Imagine that! 
Which in my case would be a Thursday as I'm usual at work. 
So here I am!
I'm having fun checking out blogs of interest today.
I am suppose to be working on the National Night out.
I'm in charge of raffles in my neighborhood party.
I still have to put some things together.
It is our first one in this neighborhood.
I usually go to the one at my church and help out over there.
I need to support my neighborhood and where I live.
It should be fun.
We are expecting a fire truck to come.
 We are scheduled to have one stop by.
I know the kids will love it!
Heck I will love it!
 Hot dogs and drinks.
The little ones I think are making some snow cones I heard.
It will be a great night out I'm sure.
I will be taking photos and have been asked to share some of them for our neighborhood news letter.
Who would have thought.
Not me!

Ramblings of a Christian Mom

Is your neighborhood doing a National Night out? Or Will you be going to one?


Savannah said...

Thanks for joining my blog hop! I'm following you back now :) Have a great day.

doreen said...

Hi Beth, Thank you for your supportive comment. We do not have a night out in my town; we are only a few blocks from a very bad everyone gets scared. Not me I would do it!

Praises from a Wife and Mommy! said...

Thanks for joining in! :)