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Daily Journey

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Going through a crisis here at home.That requires my total attention until I can semi resolve it. I wont be blogging for the time being. My pictures will come up for the 365 a days I will make sure those post. I will try too drop in but things need to be taken care of immediately. So between work and dealing with this there isn't much time left for my blogging.  This crisis will take my time away from my blogging. Possible will be gone for about a week hoping no longer than that. Maybe shorter if I can get it resolved quickly.
Please keep me in your prayers as I deal with this matter. I appreciate it so very much.
Then of course I find this blog healing and very relaxing so you may see me because this brings me such peace.

Do you hate not blogging when you have to break away?


Undeserving Grace said...

I will keep you in my prayers my dear! I hope you feel and see God all around you!

Susan in SC said...

Prayers for you in dealing with this crisis. We will be here when you get back!

rainbow said...

So sorry you are having a crisis, you are such a BLESSING to all of us. Hope it is over quick you feel GOD'S work and presence in all that is going on. Many prayers and BLESSINGS are sent your way. LOVE TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

Linda said...

Beth, I am sorry you are going through a crisis. I have prayed for this unspoken request. May God's grace be sufficient for this need, and may it bring you through.

Take Care!


melody-mae said...

my sweet friend. I send you my love, support and prayers that this crisis is resolved and you feel His love surround you during this time.

Thisisme. said...

My dear friend bethe - sending you my love and, most importantly, my prayers that He will help you get through this moment in time. I hope that whatever it is, it will soon pass my friend. I pray that things will be resolved as soon as possible for you. Take care.

Rainbow said...

I am praying for your silent request and that God puts his hand down on you no matter what you are going thru. Lord, we lift Bethe& her family as you know the crisis that they are going through. Only you dear Lord can lay your hands upon them and make things great (as we know you never put more upon us than what we can handle) in Jesus name AMEN