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Daily Journey

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Deer Seeking Escape

In June when I was on one of my many adventures.
I had the pleasure of running into these delightful creatures.
They where lost in the city.
I think they where looking for their great escape back into the wildness of their home and green vegetation.
We had fun watching them as we drove to see where they would end up.
There where people chasing these poor deer out of their yard's.
Older kids that where teasing them.
Not to mention the two crazy women chasing after them in a car to take pictures of them.
{Smiling & giggling}
It was a plight for these poor deer.
I'm sure they were scared out of their minds.
I know I would have been.
They did finally have a safe landing near a nice green grove hillside.

Lost In The Maze of City Life

Dashing Across City Streets

Follow Me I'm Sure I Can Get Us Out Of Here

Truckin' Along

More Houses
Which Way Should I Go

We Will Take Flight Here

Closer To Our Home

I See The Hillside

The Vegetation
Homeward Bound

Do you have some of the wild life come down into your yard and living area?


Recovering Church Lady said...

Our only wild life recently has not been so cute. We had a mouse last week that I am trusting has found his way back out by now!!
Cute post, looks like a fun little adventure!

rainbow said...

Love the photos, THANKS FOR SHARING. Believe it or not here in the Great Plains of Texas we are having a problem with Deer. They are over populated in a lot of our areas around town so it is quite common to see them hit along the highways. SOOOO SAD :-(

Linda said...

Yes, along the creek beds we have deer in our town of 30,000. My girlfriend's house backs up to the creek and I was leaving her house one night about 10PM and I saw about nine deer in the yard two doors down. I didn't know how many more were lurking around so I proceeded with caution and tried to avoid them.

They are such awesome creatures. God sure did create a vast variety of animals. Although I am not much of an outdoor gal, I do stand amazed at all he created!