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Daily Journey

Friday, July 22, 2011

Short Story Slam Week 6-Children's Literature

Write a story or a poem based on the image you see, have fun!
From Bluebell Books 
Come have fun and read some other great writes from other blogs.

Country Nights with Dog and Elephant by ManicD Daily at

Friends we will be
In this country land of strange lights in the night
You my friend with trunk in hand
And I the the fierce barking dog
As the night looms with starry fire flies
Like diamonds in the sky
I'm so little in this land
Of starry fire flies in the sky
You a giant among giants
In this country land so wide and big
My friend and companion through this strange land

Wont you walk with me and I with you
In this country land so wide and big
Never alone as I walk with you
With a friend indeed side by side
Through thick and thin
My friend indeed

My little friend you guide with your keen site
I with my trunk hold you tightly close
Never fearing what may be ahead
In this country land of  starry fire fly lights
Like diamonds in the sky
In the night light

Side by side
Never alone
Friends walking in stride
Through the starry fire fly night
Leading and guiding with
Keen site and protection

Through thick and thin
Through this journey of life
A friend in need and a friend indeed

As different as night and day
Through the the night
In this strange country land
With starry fire flies in the sky
Shining like diamonds lighting our way

Friends we will be
As we walk this strange land
You and your trunk and I and my sight
Never alone in the starry fire fly night
In a strange country land

One fierce dog
One giant elephant
In this strange country land
Of starry fire flies in the night sky
Friends they will be in this journey
To the end


Do you have friends that sick close and are there for you whenever you need them?

Jingle Poetry


Marbles in My Pocket said...

A wonderful story of friendship. Nicely done!

Jingle said...

awesome take.
friendship has no boundaries.

Anonymous said...

I agree beautiful story on friendship =)

MISH said...

You have crafted a lovely piece on loyalty and friendship !

Anonymous said...

This is a great write with that all important intertwined in the entertaining flow!

e.a.s. demers said...

A sweet tale of sweet friendship! Wonderful! :-)

short Story Slam said...

charming tale, well done.