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Daily Journey

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

365 Days Of Pictures ~ Day 154

On July 14th the day Heather, was graduating she had to go to work for a mandatory meeting. So the kids and I went to the river at Discovery Park.
It was a very lovely morning.
We ran and walked along the river banks of both the American and Sacramento rivers.
I had such a lovely day remembering days gone by in the park as well as creating new ones.
This tree branch caught my eye and I loved how the sun was glistening on the water.
The scene so peaceful, yet you know how violent the river can be and how violent it must have been to take this tree branch down.
Making a picture perfect moment in the water below.
Resting in peacefulness.
Making it appear shallow knowing it was much deeper than the appearance it was reflecting.
which makes me think how much like life that is.
Things may appear much differently than what they are.
They may appear harmless and shallow in nature;
then when you get a bit closer you realize that it is something that can bring harm and isn't so shallow after all.
Reminder we should always check with the road map of life the Holy Bible God's directions for life, never leave home without it.
Asking in pray to the one who first loved us, Our Lord and Savior.
Then you can walk on water with Him as Peter did.
Wouldn't want to get tangled up in the web of destruction of the weeds hidden below that can entrap and bring great harm or think the water is shallow and truly it is much deeper.
Just as sin will entice us and we say oh just a little wont harm us but soon we are in much deeper than we intended to be and entangled in the webs of deceit.
Thankfully God's word and His love and direction if we chose will keep us safe and out of harms way.
The journey in His care a delight and safety net of love and grace puts us near still waters.

American River
Sacramento California

Do you live near beautiful water ways where you are located at?


~Tablescapes By Diane~ said...

Goog morning lovely lady.
I love your beautiful blog, your music is great also.. I hope you have a wonderful week.

XXOO Diane

God Bless you Bethe.

Thisisme. said...

The water is so clear, to be able to see the branch underneath the water like that. Lovely words to go with the photo today Bethe!

Rainbow said...

This is so beautiful I love going to the lakes/creeks when the water is a pure as the picture you shared with us.