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Daily Journey

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Garages And Parking Letter

I am in the very process of fighting and standing up for my rights along with many others where I live. I handed out fliers this evening in hopes we can take back what is ours in the fact that we pay our rent and are in a legal and binding lease.  Though the management thinks they can bully us! I say NO! To this and will stand up and fight. I am not a door mat! I will not be bullied!

The letter below is what I wrote this evening. Portions where taken from a sample letter that was written up by one of the other tenants who is heading up a lot of wonderful things for this community. To her I say thank you and Bravo'!

The letter went out via email earlier. I will be snail mailing it out to the management company as well as hand delivering this to office tomorrow as too.

Dear Management of Campbell Park / Blue Mountain Community Management

I am writing to express my concerns with new parking and garage regulations. I am a tenant of Campbell Park and am currently and have been renting a full two car space garage since I moved in here three years ago. I am under a lease and under the understanding that this is a legal and binding document. Which if I broke would be in breach of contract. So if you break this contract which I just signed on June 6th of this year with you as I felt I had no other choice due to a previous letter sent out to me regarding this property.  You will be in breach of contract then I will no longer need to worry about the lease as I will see it as null and void!
I did not rent this garage with the intent to share it in any capacity or to park my car in. When I leased this property they were quite aware of what the purpose was going to be used for and my intent for it. I am in full compliance of carrying my insurance for said property as well as not having flammable materials inside the garage.
It would be an inconvenience for me to park my car inside the garage. As the door is very heavy and unsafe. It is also below my neighbor’s bedroom window which at certain hours of day and night would not be in compliance to noise regulations.  As these doors are very noisy.
I as well am concerned about sharing a garage with unknown individuals who will have access to the garage as well as all of my belongings. Which increases the risk of theft and damage to my property. Furthermore, I will no longer have control over whether my garage door is left open for extended periods of time as many people will have keys besides me.
These concerns are of top priority because of the current tenant (s) problems with the law. As you well know there are multiple tenants through the complex that have been in trouble with the police nearly every weekend, convicted burglars, drug dealers, and still more that shoot up in the parking lots and other common areas endangering not only property but lives. These are not people I want to have direct access to my car and my belongings.
Section 4.2 of the Declaration for Campbell Park / Gresham Village stating that “152 parking units are provided and each unit has ONE parking unit”, can be interpreted, and indeed up to this point has been interpreted without conflict, to include some of the many parking spaces in the multiple lots around the property. Additional parking can be found for free on the street and never are all the parking spaces on the property full as the more remote ones are always open.
As stated above we currently hold the signed lease for 2785 NE Rene and the double car garage. As stated in your lease that any breach of the contract means that we are no longer bound to it.
David / Elizabeth Hernandez

What are your thoughts on my letter. I could use some feed back or input. Thank you!


Linda said...

Oh my goodness Beth....Maybe you should be safe and move away from the drug pushers and from all of the stuff you said that goes on there! I would be terrified!

Prayers for your safety!

Love, Linda

Thisisme. said...

Well done Bethe! Sometimes, we just have to stand up and be counted and make a stand. I really do hope that the management company will listen to your concerns and that it will be a good outcome for all of you.

Rainbow said...

I will pray for you over this....Keep your head up above and God will take care of you. Your right that is a legal binding contract and if you broke you would be breach...same for them!! I managed an apartment in 90-92 and I maybe can help you with your rights.

Rainbow (GINA)

Josie said...

Hi Beth! I would absolutely share your concerns over sharing your garage space. That's got to be the craziest thing I've ever heard, not to mention the fact that you have a contract which states it is yours. I have stored things in public rented, locked storage units before and still had them broken into and stolen from. You would never be able to rest with it like this. I'm hoping that the actions of many tenants fighting against this will make a difference!