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Daily Journey

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Antivirus~And Other Programs

I will be the first to admit that I am not that tech sauve'. But when you go to the store and you ask them for something particular and you receive something totally different. Well........maybe not totally different but wont do what you want or expect it too. And you've paid darn good money for it. You expect it to work and do what you bought it to do.
These programs are so time consuming! It is time consuming to begin with to unload and load programs in these computers. You don't dare run one without an Antivirus or you could end up with a fry ed computer and then ......only the computer geeks would know what to do. If you could save it at all!
So because I am in my sick bed I sent hubby to get the antivirus yesterday. I could load while in bed. Or... so I thought I could. Sold him the wrong program! I should have waited and done myself. But I cannot complain as he did call and have me speak with the geek squad that was helping him.
One would think it was right. Guess what a non returnable program once opened. GREAT! Not a happy lady am I. I know need to go back to the store and speak with them.
I did call, I spoke with a manger in Customer Service. Thank you Jesus for His divine favor. They will take this back. But I need to bring lap top in and the program. It maybe a faulty program. Well... All I know is I want this program to work on both computers and I payed darn good money for it too.
So tomorrow when I'm back up on my feet and feeling good I pray. I will be in that store getting this computer fixed with the program loaded into it.
So one computer is down and cannot be used at all I took all antivirus software off it to load the new one. Thank goodness it isn't that important or we would be in big trouble. Just means I have to sit at the desk now instead of in bed with the lap top. Gods way of saying its time to rest and not blog or play. You need to get better.


Work can always wait. Especially since nothing is that important. So I'm bagging it up and taking it in the store tomorrow to get this situation cleared up and the antivirus put in or a new program that will take care of all of my computers and not just this desk top.

Do you ever have issues with computer programs?

1 comment:

Thisisme. said...

I am very lucky in that my son in law who lives in France, is an absolute whizz at computers, so if I ever need any help, he always manages to sort it all out for me. I'm so grateful that he is there for when I have problems!