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Daily Journey

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

CK's Vet Visit

CK is is headed out for her visit to the vets today.
CK girl every three weeks has to go on her little visit to see her friends at the vets office. Like most creatures human and our four legged friends as age approaches need to go and see doctors/ or some health care providers. And are visits with them are more often and frequent visits with our health care providers. No different for my beautiful old lady, CK.
 She usually gets really excited about going bye~bye. Today was no different. Though with the cold she has been moving much slower. I have had to help her into the car. It is so sad to see my friend and best pal age. She is a tough little trooper though!
 As always she does attempt a bit of driving. I have to reminder her that she isn't capable of driving at anytime! That we would get into a huge accident if she attempt or tried this trick. So then, usually she will  try and shift with her paws since mom wont let her drive at all. This usually doesn't go well either. I tell her that isn't a good thing to try, that we will be in trouble with this action and trick as well. She looks at me as though to say, "Mom but... I want to try please! I know I can do this thing called driving and shifting. It cannot be that hard." I tell her no she must lay down NOW! Then she settles right down, until are arrival at our destination.
Usually she leaps out of the car when we arrive at our destination spot. Not so this day. I had to help her out . Though once out she was trotting in as fast as her little paws could get her in the door.
She is always eager to get into the building. But usually more eager to leave.
 We saw our favorite girl Miss Sunshine. She was very busy this Monday morning on phones, with direction's for all the fur babies. So they would see who they where here to see. And get to the their appropriate places where they needed to go too. CK is no different she just likes to get her love from Ms. Sunshine. Though get to 
Ms. Sunshine, sometimes can be a bit difficult with her being so busy at the front desk. This Monday, was a very busy day. Ms. Sunshine is usually always very busy today was no different. She always has time for CK girl! She always gives her love and says hello to her. Today was no different. 
 As we waited CK girl was getting a bit anxious. She starts pacing the building as far as her leash will allow her. Which isn't far at all. I shorten it up most of the time. She loves to greet. Not the best place for that sometimes. She is quite a social gal.
As we waited I thought it would be a good time for her to have some treats out of the special cookie jars. They keep them filled for all of their four legged fur babies. Cookies for the puppies and treats for the kitties. A rather nice selection to choose from I might add. What is your delight? Cookies or treats for all! CK girl does have her favorite. It doesn't settle her down at all.Though she gobbles the treat right down. I don't think she even chews. Silly girl!
As we wait. Here comes Miss S. She makes my CK girl feel so much better. She makes sure everything is working and functions the way it should. Ms. S. always has a hug for CK girl as well. CK girl seems to have won each one over in her delightful way that she has with each vet tech. Thank you to each one who care for her with as much love as You would with your own fur baby. CK is always eager to go with Ms. S Until she realizes what is about to happen.
As we finish up CK is eager to leave. She is done with this place NOW! She just realized this wasn't as fun as she thought it would be. She starts tugging and pulling towards the front door, before I have even signed the ink on the check and set up the next appointment. "Lets Go Mom. Before they think of something else to do to me NOW!"
So as she pulls me towards the door she is more than ready to get into the car once more. Praying we are headed to a much m ore pleasant place then this. Maybe towards home and her favorite field.
So as we leave the vets, she is happy to settle down and rest. As this was a bit of a stressful thing she endured. Happy to know that we were back in the car headed to a place of familiar rest.
She is very happy to say goodbye to her visit with the vet's. Till next time when she thinks she just coming to say hello and for some yummy treats. Maybe someday mom will buy me those yummy treats in the cookie jar.
Home and eager to get out of the car. Free at last. Mom is no fun! No driving No shifting! Then... I think I'm visiting my friends Miss Sunshine and Ms. S. What a trick she pulled. So glad I'm home to rest and play. Maybe a walk too.Some outing's just aren't what you expect.
Thank you mom for taking good care of me. Even if it wasn't so fun!Can we go for a walk now please mom?

Do you have a pet?


tawna6988 said...

Blog hopping today and am your newest follower. I hope that 1 of my blogs interests you too.

I also do a weekend blog hop, you can link up on open every Friday-Sunday!

Lisa said...

I just love the story of CK's adventure today, with all the pictures to illustrate her day! she looks like such a good ol' girl, makes me wanna just hug her! My first choice before deciding on Early childhood Education was to go to school to be a veterinarian, I'm such an animal person! But right now with my schedule and the school I would have to go to being so far away, I wasn't able to do it. I still have it in the back of my head though, I haven't crossed it off my list! What does CK stand for by the way?

stlavonlady said...

Beth - What a fun story. I enjoyed reading on Ck girl's adventure. Looks like a nice, clean place with good people to take care of her. Always makes us feel better.
I had 2 cats and a dog. Slowy they left. My cat died 10 years ago, I had her since I was little. Then my amazing dog died just before Grace was born so 8 years ago and the best cat ever died a little over a year ago. Miss them so much! Grace, my daughter is getting ready to get a new dog. YAY!

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Julie :)


Thisisme. said...

Lovely story about Miss CK's visit to the vets and really good that she has her special friend there! It's not nice that pets have to get old, is it?