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Daily Journey

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rainy Days and Sunshine

The other day I was driving from Vancouver back over to Portland. It is always a nice drive I love crossing the bridge and looking over the Columbia Gorge up into the Mountains of Mt. Hood and the range surrounding the area. You just never know what the weather is going to do one minute or the next. It always amazing to me how the weather can change so quickly. In just a city block you could have pouring down rain and then  nothing but dry beautiful sunshine. Well that is what this particular day was like. It was a blister wet rainy day. Or so I thought. It was in some areas rainy and in some areas it was beautiful sunshine or break out weather somewhere in between.  So naturally I would have to take some pictures of this day. It was great photo ops for me. I wanted to try and get a few more rain pictures but that just didn't happen. Which is fine since I much prefer the sun anyways. Then I remind myself without the rains I would not have all the lovely Spring and Summer flowers to come. Not to mention all the beautiful landscape of green we have here in the PNW. So the first shot is OH YES! I was driving when I took this picture. But I was on a side street about a half a block from home. The one I really wanted I couldn't take. It was driving down the free way. Though I have a wild and crazy friend that does that all the time take pictures and drive. Gotta a love her.
So basically you are seeing the day about the way it went. It started out a bit stormy then gradually turned into a very lovely day. But it always shows up in the afternoon when the day is almost gone. Good thing is I was off work early enough to enjoy the blue sky and get some pictures.

Rain Splatter

Grey Sky's

A Glimpse of Hope

Blue Sky Break

Blue Pond Dream
Bluster is the day as I walk out the door.
Dreaming of the day's of warm and sunshiny afternoons
Laying in the park gazing up
Watching the clouds float by
Dreaming of the lazy afternoons of days gone by
Kids flying their kites high
Windy bluster days
Dreaming of the kite that floated away
Blue sky's of Summer
Laying and dreaming of Summer fun
Catching a glimpse of yesterday's childhood dreams
As I walk on this bluster rainy day
Dreaming of warm sunshiny days


Did you fly kites when you where a kid?


Anonymous said...

I need to try a rain splatter photo! Yours is beautiful!

I don't ever remember flying kites as a child, but I love to do it now! :)

Hope you're having a fab weekend!

Debra Ann Elliott said...

Beth, I didn't realized you live in Portland. I used to live there several years ago. My oldest child was born in Salem.
Thank you for stopping by and your nice comment. You can pick your own word and write a post about it. Just click on the NaBloPoMo button for more details.

Fi said...

Beth - just dropping in from 6WS and discovered 2 amazing things from reading your blog. You live in Portland - my favourite place, my grandparents lived there so I've visited twice. The second thing you want to visit Australia - which is where I am.

6WS works in mysterious ways and links so many of us together.

Thanks for dropping by my blog

Cheers, Fi