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Daily Journey

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Photo Challenge~ Street

I sure have been having a great time with these photo challenges from Twisted Fate photography. If you haven't  jumped on board you should and give it a try. It is a blast! You see things so differently then you would have before. You would be amazed! I have gotten out more and have want too as well. I want to go find the best shots I possible for the challenges that I can. I have so much to learn in photography but if I'm having fun who cares! Right? It is funny to watch people when you are out taking pictures as well. They kinda wonder what you are up too. Twisted Fates link is:

This photo was taken right down the street from my home. This is a beautiful little city street. It is right off the freeway. They have many little gifty shops, restaurant's, and bars in this little town; along with some antique stores. In the summer they have little tables sitting around, and you can hear the music playing. It is so much fun to live in a place with so much history and culture around. Come visit and play in my town for awhile. I'm sure you'd have fun!

Gateway to the Gorge
City Street

Do you like to go play in the little city's within a city around your hometown?


Anonymous said...

I am so pleased you enjoy my challenges! Stoked you look forward to them as much as me! tee hee :)

I think I have drove through this town! Small world right!? lol

Hope you've had a great week!

Thank you for linking up!

Anonymous said...

What a cool street and I love that sign! That's in Oregon, right? The West is so pretty!!