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Daily Journey

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

365 Days Of Pictures ~Day 15

Come Sit

I actually found this sitting up in the yard near the mail boxes today. It was so fun to take pictures of it in different lighting and angles. I actually took several shots of it . I really wish I had taken more of this stool sitting all alone under the tree in the sunshine of the late afternoon. CK girl was in a hurry to head home. So I wasn't able to get as many as I would have liked. She didn't seem to want to hang out in this area very long. It was peaceful and inviting to me. Goes to show the  ol' dog has no taste in peaceful and relaxing. Or at least not in what I would call peaceful and inviting. Though she sees things I don't like or consider interesting or fun. So I'm sue the score card is even on that one with her and I. 
I just wish the photo I had really liked was clearer so I could have posted it up here. It was my favorite one that I took this afternoon. Maybe it will be there again tomorrow and I will be able to try and get that shot that wasn't clear of the stool. I as well do have more of the stool. Not all came out as I had hoped they would. But I was pleased with this one shot of the stool. Maybe tomorrow and I can take some more to share.

Do you have a favorite place to go sit and rest in the sunlight of the afternoon?

1 comment:

Petra said...

Wow! What a cool little bench seat! I would love to have this piece. You know, a chocolate lab would look great sitting up there ;)