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Daily Journey

Monday, March 7, 2011

Playdate~ Sunset Serenade

I was doing some early evening business with a friend/client. It is always nice when you can have your business at home where friends can come and feel right at home and still get some of their needs meet. As she was getting ready to leave I walked her to her car. We visited a bit longer.
Then as I looked up there it was the most beautiful sunset. The Lord painting the evening sky with the multiple colours giving way to night.
My "Sunset Serenade"!
Is what the Lord gave me this wonderful Sunday evening. I know you are thinking this is play dates on Monday! Well... my Monday started when I saw that beautiful sunset.
You see I'm sure God hand painted it just for me. To remind me how much He loves me. That He truly wants me to have a play date every time I see something He did just for "ME"!
I bet your thinking well ... He does those things for me too.
He does!
But I always figure He must have had me just in mind when he brings my attention to something that He has designed for me to enjoy. As I'm so sure you feel the same way as I do too.  
So the sunset was hand painted tonight with my friend and I in mind.
I must say I was a bit jealous as I knew she would be crossing the bridge of the Columbia Gorge over to Vancouver.
I knew that sunset would be spectacular over the bridge shining onto the river. I was so wishing I could go sit and watch this sunset into the West. 
But instead I graped my camera and starting taking some pictures. My new best friends as I see beauty in things in a new way. Things that I never saw beauty in as well.
So my camera and I ran around the parking lot taking in the beauty of the sunset before us.
 I knew they wouldn't be the best pictures as my camera doesn't capture the evening light well. But I would have captured my treasure and gift that God had brought me out to see this cool March evening.
It was time to step out and play and get out of my box.
To soak up the beauty of the sunset set in the evening sky for me to enjoy!
To soak in the beauty that was hand painted this evening for me and others to enjoy the "Sunset Serenade."
A beautiful reminder that we can come and play with the Lord whenever we like. As He delights in our pleasure and the joy He sees in our faces as we enjoy the gifts He has laid out for us.
So as I prepare this post I feel as though I had a special early play date with my Father this beautiful Sunday evening.
Psalm 37: 4
Delight yourself in the Lord; and He will give you the desires of your heart.

Evening Delight

Hand Painted Sky

Sky Scape Beauty

Sunset Serenade

Do you like to sit and watch the sunset?


Lisa said...

gorgeous pictures! I love taking pictures of the sunset also, the colors are always so beautiful! What a great way to start your week!

Laura said...

Beth! These are just beautiful. And, yes, I too believe he brought this to your attention because He wanted to delight you!I'm so glad you joined me with this lovely playdate.

Blessings to you today!

Janis@Open My Ears Lord said...

Hi Beth,
I do love sunsets. And here in Arizona, they are spectacular. I'm so glad the Lord did this for me--He has filled my heart with joy in the middle of a desert. The way He paints the sky fills my heart with awe and praise.
I saw you at Laura's Playdates and came over to visit. Hope you will stop by my place. I'm giving away Ann Voskamp's book, "One Thousand Gifts." It's my way of celebrating one year of blogging.

Hope to see you there,