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Daily Journey

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Write A Letter Wednesday~ Sleep

Write a letter Wednesday is a blog that gets you back into letter writing. You can write to anyone or anything. Please go check out the blog. This is a dying art. So I knew i truly wanted to be apart of this. As I have been wanting to write some people and thank them as well. I'm just doing some practice letters first. So I'm writing one to "sleep".
The blog is called "Write A Letter Wednesday".
You can check her out at:
Then after you write your letter hook up with her linky. And go check out others that have linked up their letters. Should be fun and brush up on our letter writing skills. you just never know you may just want to send one of them.
I know I will.

Dear Sleep,
I was wondering why you elude me. I so want to go and play in dreamland and slummer away. I would truly enjoy a bit of rest and sleep. The long hours of the day with work and play take there toll on this old body.
It would be nice if you would come to stay with me in the evening hour. I wouldn't feel so tried and run down the next day. 
I wont mind if you fall asleep on my pillow. I'm so sure I would enjoy your company. I'd like it if you could come by every evening around ten. Then we both could go to sleep on my pillow with those snugly blankets that are oh so inviting and cozy warm.
Maybe we could have a spot of tea before bed. Then I could lay down and dream of our next meeting.
My bed it looks so inviting with the pillows calling my name. The blankets all so snugly cozy awaiting a body to come snuggle with them.
So have pity on me Sleep! Have some heart Sleep! Don't cheat me out of this rest I so need. I have awaited your coming all day long. I long for the time we spend together. It so enriches my life and the day ahead.
Sleep, I have tried the counting of sheep with no avail of putting me to sleep.
I always  "pray", which usually finds me have way to sleep. But another road block I have hit. Sleep, you could put me to sleep, so  why are you eluding me this night.
Rest is my request. Do you think you could send the sandman my way Sleep, please!
Thank you for reguarding this matter as one of urgency. As this could truly cause undue stress.
I will be meeting with you soon Sleep.
Restless Night Crawler

Do you have troubles sleeping?


Recovering Church Lady said...

Loved your letter to Sleep. I enjoy your blog a lot! But this post has reminded me that I promised myself I would write a letter to my mother-in-law today so I'd better get off here! Ha!

JTS said...

Hi Beth! I'm delighted that you've joined the "Write A Letter Wednesday" blog! I love writing letters and with email and now texting it is pretty much a dying artform. Thanks for mentioning the blog in your post, I'm hoping the membership will continue to grow and include all kinds of letters! I loved your letter to Sleep... very creative, and the longing of quite a few people I know! My problem isn't falling asleep, I can do that pretty much anywhere, anytime. I just can't seem to get enough of it to feel rested in the mornings like I did when I was young. I get weary of feeling weary, and I'm sure you do too. Hopefully your mind will soon shut itself down and give you some nights of peaceful slumber!