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Daily Journey

Friday, March 11, 2011

365 Days Of Pictures ~Day 17

I just like this picture. There really is no subject story behind it at all. I was leaving the place where hubby works to go home. I wanted to take pictures of different things. I wanted to practice lighting, centering and object center (If there is such a thing, I'm sure there is maybe not that lingo). I don't know if that is what I did.

Longing For ...

I may have made that all up. I was talking to a lady and she told me let the lens be the eye and follow it. So... creation here I come. Not much of an artist in this respect but I'm trying hard. I'm having so much fun too! I don't know if that is what I did. But ... I really just like the photo. It was a dreary rainy day. Which seems to be the case allot lately.
I'm driving poor hubby nuts and crazy with the camera as well as CK girl too. I'm sure that someday I wont be so nuts with the camera or maybe I will be worse. lol :)D  

So when you are learning new things do you drive those around you nuts?

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Robin @ Blommi said...

I think the fence line is kind of interesting. Maybe take a pic on a sunny day, and then from the length of the fence. I bet the shots would be cool to compare.

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Thisisme. said...

I love the way you have caught the wet ground from the rain in the foreground of the photo. You're right, it is a good photo and I pleased to see that you're having so much fun practising. Have a good weekend.