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Daily Journey

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lent Letter's To God~ 2

I was thinking today about my letter's to God. I think they maybe more conversation in a letter form. I have been awaiting all day to write this letter. As I have become very excited about my forty days of letter writing my Father in heaven. I need to figure out a link so you all can join in. If any of you have a suggest or can help please let me know. I would surely appreciate it. I'm sure that there are others out there who would love to link up It would be so fun!

Will You Walk With Me?
 Dear God,
Today was so exciting to me as I was thinking about my letter I would be writing to you this evening and in the future days ahead.
I think this adventure in letter writing with you, is already drawing me closer to you. As I just was unexplainable  excited about this day and the letter I would be writing to you.
I was thinking about you all day long. I was so excited to see what things you would reveal to me. It made me more aware of you and my surroundings and what you where doing in my life.
I was wondering if this adventure would slow my pace down, to listen, to see you in the ways you would speak to me today.
I was looking for you in everything around me and in what I was doing. They were the same as always. I was just more acutely aware.  It just seemed that I took more pleasure in enjoying them, even the dreary rain that was coming down as I drove on the freeway to Washington today. I'm so glad I don't have to drive that drive often Lord.
Thank you.
The excitement in what laid ahead was a thrill. Yes! I see this Lord as a journey in where you would want me to be thrilled and living my life more abundantly in you everyday. With anticipation and excitement even in the difficult days. The days where it is hard to even think about anything wonderful But there is something wonderful. That is YOU!
You brought me home from work safely today and I'm so grateful
Then you took me down memory land into nicks and corners of my life I had buried for so long. Long forgotten areas and place of my life. Or maybe I didn't want to recall or remember. It was an amazing afternoon actually.
The pictures, the paper work, phone books, oh so much Lord. Where you have brought me from to where I am today.
The love and grace you've shown me through the years. Even when I wasn't serving you or deserved it Lord. Not that I do now! But... it just seems so natural with you by my side everyday. Oh how you have loved me. Thank you for never leaving me Lord.  Accepting me right where I am.
You have shown me so much today. The pictures where an amazing journey to days long ago. But they brought me comfort in knowing that you have loved me so much that you have carried me even in my darkest of day's and will continue to do so even when I don't think you are there you are.
Tonight has been a blessing that I could help my daughter Lord. Thank you for clearing away after such a three day ordeal and battle. Your hand of love and mercy never stops amazing me. You had people there all along. We just needed to stop and hear you.
Lord I just want to say I love you! I love you so much for bringing me to that place so many years ago to my knees breaking me and molding me. The place of brokenness that brought me into right standing with you as my Lord and Savior.
As I anticipate tomorrow I'm sure you will have amazing gifts awaiting.
I look forward to our time of conversation, all day long but this special time of letter writing to you.
Love you

Will You Come And Sit Awhile?

The picture's where taken a few years back at the Grotto, in Portland, Oregon. It is a beautiful peaceful place. It has a wonderful pray room. So much beauty. You surely feel the presence and love of God there. The gardens are the best. I remember running around and playing there when I was a child. I love going there. If you have been following me a long time. you will recall the "Festival of Lights". I had blogged and posted many picture's of the event the night I went. It is a wonderful place to come and visit anytime of year. Check it out. Also the link to my "Festival of Lights" if you'd be interested in reading this post.

Do you enjoy going to quiet places where you can mediate, pray, devotions, the "Word", or just be there and let God speak to you through nature?

1 comment:

Thisisme. said...

That grotto looks like a wonderful place to visit. I think your letters to God during Lent are an excellent idea. Perhaps it would be good if more of us were to pause, take time out of our busy lives and do a similar thing.