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Daily Journey

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February Photo Hunt

Another fun site and another exciting way to grow in your creativity and have some fun. Found this site not really sure how. Hopping and blogging along I am. I'm having so much fun. I feel like I'm jumping out of the box. So I'm going try and do this as hard as it is going to be. But... I think I can! I know I can! Lets have some fun!

1.) The Best From 2-19-20
A Solitaire Moment In Time

3.) Canned Food Month
And Your Choice?

4.) Everyday
Our Lives Our Scheduled

5.) Hearts
CK Kisses

6.) Marco
Really Mom!

7.) Numbers
And the time is?

8.) Something Cozy
Cozying up and relaxing With the CK Gal.

9.) Something Furry
The delightful CK Girl

10.) Something Red
Stepping Out In Red

11.) Something White
Marking In The Snow

12.) The View From Above
Shining My Light On You!

I missed one photo and chose not to put one in that place as I felt that it would take away from what I'm trying to learn. I had so much fun.

Do you like to challenge your self in areas where you want to grow?

1 comment:

Thisisme. said...

Gosh, you did really well with that photo challenge. I love the photo of you with CK Girl. I have to say that you are really throwing yourself into this blogging venture with great gusto!!