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Daily Journey

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hair Cuts & Tea

Late this after noon I decided to see how well I actually felt. I was invited over to do some haircuts on some delightful young adults. Whom I had the pleasure of doing their latest hair styles.
The Tools
Gladly I must say I'm feeling quite well. As this morning I was still feeling not to hot! I do feel tired but it will take a bit to gain back that energy after fighting that horrible virus. I'm excited to say that I will be attempting more work tomorrow. YEA!
Thank you Jesus for your divine healing!
Their mother and I indulged in the pleasures of some wonderful "hot tea" and wonderful chat.
Something about tea always makes you feel better. It takes the chill out of the bones and makes you warm all over. It is one of those things you enjoy doing it brings back wonderful childhood memories of playing and having tea with all those dolls, along with mom and friends. A warm childhood memory that gives way to longing for those teas with friends as adults.
It reminded me of one of my most favorite blogs to go visit. "With A Grateful Heart", Her warmth and love come right through the computer. I always feel so relaxed and right at home in her blog living room.
She wrote about a wonderful Tea that her and her friends went on.  Just "BEAUTIFUL!" And the Tea room or house, they had it was surely just as you would picture. Just as when you were a young child.
I have left a link to both. The blog is called "With A Grateful Heart".  I'm sure you will feel as welcomed and at peace and rest as I am there. Then as well as the link to the wonderful "Tea House" she spoke of. The most delightful part of it is that this "Teas House" isn't far from me. So I think I should make a trip and visit. Please enjoy them both.

My wonderful friend had a wide varied of teas to select from. So many to choose from too. So I asked her to pick out her favorite and I would have that with her. She picked out a "Good Earth Tea" Its Original flavor. How Yummy! and wonderful it was too!
So good that I must go out and buy me some as well to have on hand for myself and my tea guest.
What a delightful time having tea and cutting hair for her three delightful young adults. I couldn't think of a better way to spend a late afternoon early evening.
It is a wonderful way to warm up and catch up on some girl time. All together a most delightful, welcoming feel good pleasure.
There is absolutely a reason the Brit's have after noon tea. I think it is something we should take a lesson from them in. I'm thinking I may have to indulge more often.


Do you have a favorite tea or tea House you enjoy?

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