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Daily Journey

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday Product Highlight~

Today's highlight will be the Timewise moisturizer. One of four parts to the Miracle set.
This piece of the set is second in the piece if you only get the cleanser and moisturizer at the low cost of 40 for the two pieces. The moisturizer comes in three formulas. It comes in the normal to dry/ combination to oily as well as SPF 15. Which I will do a special highlight on this formula. With Summer around the corner we must be thinking of the extras that keep our skin looking it's best as well as keeping it young and fresh looking.
The Timewise moisturizer will hydrate your skin for up to 10 hours as it works on the natural renewal process to give you a smoother younger looking skin that you are looking for. (This is applied to a clean face.)
It is one of Mary Kay's top sellers along with the Timewise cleanser; it as well has the good house keeping seal of approval along with the People's choice award.  It helps fight against those fine lines that appear when we aren't looking.
As with all our products they are a 100% guaranteed satisfaction.
This products last about 3-4 months as well. As long as your not a globber like I am! It is a bargain in my book at the  low cost of 22.
Please "GO" check me out.
If you already have a beauty consultant with Mary Kay please give her a call and talk to her. I don't believe in taking others customers and that is not how I nor the Mary Kay business works either. It is their business and that is how they make their living. I wouldn't want someone to take my clients. So please .... if you have a consultant contact her. Tell her you'd like to try this product I'm sure she'd love to hear from you.

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As well you may want to check out this blog too. They have great beauty tips. Today's is on Spring cleaning .

So keep in mind that it is very important to keep your products up to date safe and current. As the season go so should all the old makeup as well. That you to Beauty and the Blog for their great tips and the reminder.

Do you have a favorite moisturizer and why is it your favorite?

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