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Daily Journey

Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Baby!

Happy Birthday!
Today 30 years ago I had my last child. My precious and gorgeous daughter Rea. She is more beautiful today then the day the Doctors placed her in my arms. I am so blessed to have her in my life along with her two older sisters.
She is so much fun. She is a burst of sunshine, when she isn't being as tough as nails.
She is a mom,of two beautiful children a handsome young man; and an up and coming beauty queen.
She is a student working though nursing school. She will graduate in May.YEA! Long time in coming. We are all so excited and can hardly wait for the day of recognition.
She is a hard working mom with a job outside the home working at UCD in Pulmonary.
Not to mention the wife and house mom to a wonderful man and a beautiful home they keep up together as a family.
How much more could I pray for for my daughter on this special day the Lord blessed us with her.
My prayer's for my girls have always been that they would be richly blessed and be all that they are created to be. Id say she is well on her way.

Capturing the Memories

These pictures where taken last Summer when she surprised us at our front door at midnight. We had no idea she and the children were coming. What a surprise they were.
We had such a grand time when she was here. We traveled to many of my favorite haunts.
These pictures where taken at Sorosis Park where I spent a great deal of my growing up years playing. So her and the grandchildren got to see some of the places I played as a child. We all played on the play ground together having so much fun as if we were all children. I'm sure we are at heart.
Many of the places I went and played as a child have changed through the years. But... still where I grew up and I was so delighted to share them with Rea and the grandchildren. I think they enjoyed it as much as I did. They got to know mom and grandma in in new way. I love the new memories we created in the places I had so many as a child.

With A Child's Heart Of  Play
So toady I wish my baby girl a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May she be super blessed over the top as she grows with her family and in love through the years creating memories for a life time.
I just so wish we could be there with her to celebrate this special day of her life.
I love you honey!

Do you like to play on play grounds with your children grown or small?

1 comment:

Thisisme. said...

A Lovely post for your daughter Bethe. She certainly is beautiful and what a clever girl, doing all the things that she is doing. Good for her! How wonderful to be able to take your grandchildren to the place where YOU used to go as a child.