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Daily Journey

Friday, March 11, 2011

Pink Saturday~ Hosted By How Sweet The Sound

Okay this is a fun little spot to check out. This is wonderful how they have the Pink Saturday set up. I think this will be fun. I love pink though red is my favorite color. I have more pink laying around, may have something to do with the Mary Kay or the fact I just love pink. Or maybe it is that I am a girlie girl. At any rate this pink theme is awesome it comes from "How Sweet The Sound"



Happily Pinked

This is my pink princess phone in my office and my warm pink hoodie and in honor of the theme of St. Patty's day all I could find was this little green doll my mother gave me. All sit in my room next to my desk. My hoodie so I can put it on when I get chilled.
The doll just cause I like her and it reminds me of being young. I love dolls.
My phone I earned through my business and it is just perfect for my room.

What is your favorite color?


Cat & Cricket said...

I think we all in the pink world must have that phone.. it is the best!
Happy PS!

Thisisme. said...

I'm a girlie girl too, and love pink. I want that phone!!!

Leslie said...

Wow. I've not seen a princess phone in a long time. Thanks for sharing. Also, thank you for following Tranquil Acres of Alexandria.. here I am! Your 56th follower!
Happy Pink Saturday!

Holly said...

I'm a girly girl too! Red is great because it is a darker shade of pink. =0)
I enjoyed reading about you and your family.
Blessings and Happy Pink Saturday!