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Daily Journey

Friday, March 11, 2011

Lent Letter's To God~ 3

Reaching for You

After today's events in the news with the devastation from the earthquake and tsunami  . It is hard to think of writing my letter to God with out asking for prayers for those in such great need. With the loss and devastation they have experienced and continue too. So I m going to write two short payers here tonight for Lent. One will be for the prayers of those in Japan and around the other devastation's that have occurred world wide in the last few months. Then I will have my letter conversation with God. It just seems appropriate. Thank you for indulging with me in these prayers of love to our God and those hurting.

Is Spring Here

Dear Lord,
As this evening comes to a close I think of those around the world who are hurting from great loss and devastation. I ask that you would be with them as this night comes to a close. I thank you for wrapping your loving arms around them and holding them tightly in your loving care under your wings of love.
Lord I thank you that you would give them rest in you and  shelter from the storm.
Send those perfect fitted laborers across their paths that would meet them right where they are and ministry to each and every need that they have need of  Father.
We ask that you would be with those that have lost loved one's Lord ease their pain and loss as only you can. Be with the sick and the injured. Pour out your healing balm of Gilead upon them and let them be the healed from the top of their heads to the very soles of their feet in Jesus name.
Be with those caring for them Lord.
Find those who are still loss and in need of help Lord. Thank you in Jesus name.
Send the help that is needed to this torn, devastated country's Lord. Let your light and love shine upon them in Jesus name. I thank you Lord that you would give them rest from the continued after shocks that are rippling their country's. Give them you peace that surpasses all understanding Lord.
We ask for a edge of protection encamped about them Lord. We thank you that no more weapons formed against them should prosper Lord.
We thank you for those that you are sending out to help Lord. that you would be with them and protect them as well. Give each one peace and sustain them all from the elements and disasters that are pending all around them after such major natural diasters Lord. Keep them out of harms way Lord.
Thank you for the medical staff and those sending food and medicine Father. I thank you that every need will be meet in you.
I thank you that you hear the peoples cries and you are sending HELP!
I thank you for your love that is sent from above to all and that they will feel your love this night in Jesus name.
Lord I thank you that you will be glorified in this in Jesus name. That we will see signs of miracles and life's changed because of Jesus name.

Leaning on You
Dear Lord,
WOW! So much is happening Lord. I look and see so much is going on around our world. I know through your word these things will come and that it is this world crying out for you. In this I wonder what it is I'm to see and learn this day as I draw nearer to you.
I went to bed hearing of this horrible news wondering and worrying about family and loved ones as many others have as well. Waking up to evacuations in the PNW coast line down through California's coast line. Again wondering about loved ones, across the ocean and here at home. I thank you that they are in your loving care Lord.
Then at work today as I'm making my wonderful little ladies beautiful; Miss P. says to me, that we should be ready for you at all times and live our life's reflecting you. Hmmmm..... sounds like a plot right out of one of my photo shots I asked my self in an earlier blog this morning this exact question about reflection. Seems you are speaking. I just have to take and shut my mind off to all the noise about me. I need to listen for you as when Miss P. spoke this morning.
The day went along in a quiet way today. I thank you for the five ladies I had this morning. They always bring such beauty into my life. I thank you that I have the gift that you gave me to help them feel the best about themselves. It always brings me such rich joy. I call it my paycheck of the heart. Thank you so much for that Lord.
This morning I was excited to wish my youngest daughter a blessed birthday. It was 30 years ago you blessed us with this treasure. I cannot even imagine or dream my life with out her. I thank you that you are with her today. That you have blessed her in wonderful ways and made this day as special as she is.
So many ways you have enriched my life. That brings me back to reflection. The reflection that is to be me reflecting you.I look forward to seeing how you continue to reveal yourself and speak to me about reflection and other things through the next month Lord.
I'm listening and I'm looking for you. Meet you in the next part of the adventure. I'm having so much fun.
Thank you Lord.
Standing Tall
Blessing and love from your daughter Beth

All my sky pictures I took today as I was coming home from different places of errands I would stop and take a photo op. moment. CK and I took some going to the mail box and coming back. None of these I posted are from our walk. These are actually all took in around where I work. I just love watching the sky. Hmmm... another reflection of God and His promises?

I also have the link to reflection that I mentioned as well if you are interested in checking it out. Seems to fit with the theme the Lord is taking me in this journey durning Lent.

Do you like to watch the sky with the clouds floating around then make images in them?

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