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Daily Journey

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday Product Highlight~ Night Solution

Today I'm excited to share with you the "Timewise Night Solution". It is one of four parts in the "Miracle Set". Or apart of the two piece set of "Day & Night Solution". To achieve best results from any of these products it is best to use within the same line and to use as directed.
The "Night Solution" is the product you will apply after cleaning your face at night when you are getting ready for bed, or calling it an evening. It is what you would apply before the moisturizer.
The "Timewise Night Solution" delivery's a system of encapsulated vitamins and antioxidants with collagen-enhancing peptides that help fade away deep lines and wrinkles. It stimulates collagen to smooth and firm the skin. It is suitable for all skin types as it is fragrance-free as will as oil free. Non-comedogenic
It helps rebuild and repair the damage caused during the day. It also helps fight those fine lines and wrinkles. The renewal process takes place while you sleep. This couldn't be easier!
You will see that it has little beads inside of it. Silvery blue, and pink, these are Nutribeads microcapsules they will burst as you dispense the serum delivering the fresh effective antioxidants.
As part of the "Miracle Set", as stated in prior post regarding the "Miracle Set", you will note that this product carries the "Good House Keeping  Seal of Approval". As with any of our products it is a 100% guaranteed satisfaction.
The cost for the complete "Miracle Set"  is  90.
The cost for the "Night Solution"  30.

As always you can shop with me or your consultant 24 hours a day at your convience at Mary Kay's web page. I will always link to my page. But if you have a consultant please remember to shop with her. If you do not have a consultant it would be my pleasure to be at your service. I do ship. So please have a look around. As Mary Kay has a  personal beauty pro filer it is FREE! As with all of our services. Along with the pro filer there is a free personalized beauty report, fun online quizzes, beauty tips, and so much more. Have a look around you may see some fun things you might enjoy. Give me your thoughts and opinion's. I'm always open to hear what others are thinking.

The links to the cleanser and moisturizer are:

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