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Daily Journey

Sunday, March 6, 2011

We All Design Our Footprints

Anthony, my precious Grandson.
Growing into a fine young man!
I'm so excited that you asked me about our footprints.
Honey, we leave our footprints where ever we have been. It is a bit like our DNA.
It is a bit of our self's we leave behind. A mark of our life that we have lived. Good or bad, a bit like a good name. Something to be very proud of. A life well lived! Or not! Preferable a good one. You know you hear the story's of those you have made something out of nothing; or those who made a name for themselves that wasn't so good.
Well, everyday in this world, whoever they are, where ever they are; the day they are born they are leaving a footprint behind in the sands of their life's. In those lives we are touching. We are leaving our footprint in someones life somehow someway . No matter the age no matter the gender. Whatever we do and say where ever we have been, we've left our footprint.
How we act, when we smile or do a good deed. When we act up. Whomever we come in contact with. We are leaving an impression a footprint in the sands of our life's. It is our walk and our talk. The person who we are. The person that we are becoming. Till the day we are called back home to our Savior, grandson we are leaving our designed footprints in the sands of our life's.
You can choose  to life the live God has placed and designed in your heart or the one that is not. It is your choice my precious grandson. I will say be wise! Choose the path of wealth and health of a good life lived.
People will remember my dear Anthony. Years from now someone will say I remember when...
So the actions you do today are leaving that imprint of a life that was there in that moment of time. Someone somewhere will remember you. What you did and how you acted or didn't. What you said or didn't say. This I promise.
You say, "But grandma, but really, how?"
My grandson I tell you this as I have found in my life that even years down the road people and places I don't even remember. God will bring back into your life for  a season in time and a reason. They will remember that life that footprint in the sand that you left behind. I might not remember but they will  remember whether good or bad. How it touched them and made them feel. You too my precious grandson, will as well do this with others as I have done also.
You see this happens in life.  People will come and go but our footprint of us will be left behind in the sands of life. What ever  large or small act it was. Or passing by. The smile that said hello to a head hung low. You see you made a difference in someones life. You; maybe that someone that changed their day their life. Make an impact that stands for the good in this world and helps those know this is a life worth living everyday to the fullest my precious grandson. One that isn't full of dread and regrets.
Walk tall my young man and be proud to share this world of life with zest and love. Live it fully to your "BEST ABILITY".
Anthony, nothing would make me or your parents prouder. Be the best Anthony, you can be. The one God created you to be! No one can be you or do it better. Don't be a follower be a leader and make your path one of integrity and fullness of a life well lived. One that says, "I want to be like that man, Anthony!" One should follow his lead, he knows how to live life with fullness of love and integrity.
Remember to touch people with the heart of God my precious grandson. Leave that footprint that will bring glory to your Father in heaven and joy and pride to your parents and those that love you.
You see as you life the dream that God planted in your heart and you do right by this you are leaving a footprint behind the one you were created to leave behind. One that you can be proud of. A legacy that you will want to share with others. And one that others will want to be apart of. The one that will be remembered in future generations.
You want to life your life full and with zest my son. With no regrets!
Remember it is those who are placed in our lives that are important. It wont be how much money we made or the toys we collected in our life time. It will be the difference we made in those that God placed in our lives. Let that dash between your birth and going home to the Lord; when He calls you, stand for a life well lived. One that has left a legacy of love and hope to future generation's my grandson.
Leave a footprint that others will want to follow.
They will say,  this young man knows where he is going, and how to get there. He is some one to follow, to watch. He is making a positive difference in the lives and the world in lives in. He is someone that chases after the heart of God and the dream He has sat in His heart. He chases life with the fullness and zest the way it  is  meant to live life; with no regrets! (OVER THE TOP) Filled with many blessing, treasures of life that God has left for you to find and enjoy. No gift unturned or left behind!
For that is a life well lived in the sands of time.
You see, we each leave behind a legacy for others  Anthony. It is our choice and decision on how we will live it; what that legacy and life will say about us. And who we are. What we are. What we meant to others in this world.  Anthony, with the help of God with His designed heart for us, we are leaving footprints in the sands of our life's, that we can be proud of. Choosing the the life God designed not the one we think we should have with regrets.
So my Anthony, a designed footprint is the one that you live with the heart of God that He placed in your heart. That one that is the life that you can be proud of!
So Anthony, I say go live life and live it to its fullest!  Live it with zest and gusto! And no regrets! Live large and have fun! This is your life and you can be all that you were created to be and so much more. It is your legacy and your footprints in the sands of life.
I will be watching and cheering you on my precious grandson. I will be your cheerleader!

Over the Top
Running "Your" race


Psalms 121:3
He will not let your foot slip-He who watches over you will not slumber

This is the life of a Goodman and the designed footprints of  life my precious grandson.
With love in my heart and prayers for you Anthony.
I pray a life that is filled with the footprints of love. Living life to its fullest with much zest and gusto. Over the top living for the best life ever.
Love and Prayers
Mema (Grandma)

Do you have a love letter made to your children or grandchildren?


Dianne said...

We have nine grandchildren....guess I'd better get writing! :) Somewhere I have a Grandmother's Book for two of the grandchildren that their mom gave me to fill out. I think I'll go find it.

Thisisme. said...

What a wonderful, loving letter to your grandson, Anthony, to guide him as he goes through his life. Lovely post.